Gorragoat Downroung(Top)




Bachelor of Architeture (Architetural Technology) , 2007

Born 10-01-1983 in Sisaket, Thailand

+66 8 98223117

http://www.circlenumber.net / circlenumber@outlook.com

Key Skills

-3dsmax / Vray – Shading, Lighting, Rendering,Physic and Dynamic simulate. Realistically and Hight quality works.

-Real Flow – simulation Realistically and beautiful motions with Fluid.

-After Effect,Nuke compositing – After Effect and Nuke work with 3dsmax to more technic compositing.


Computer Skills

-Graphic Software Extensive knowledge of 3D Studio Max(Write Maxscript and expression)(Use plug in, Vray, Thinking particles,Hair Farm,Krakatoa,DeadLine,Frost,and Other) PFTrack,Real flow, After Effects,Nuke, Photoshop.

-Renderfarm Management Use and setup Deadline with works for fast render.


M.A.R.S Oct 2014 – Present (Senior 3D Generalist Artis)

Work CGI and Post.In studio work Post and Production.I work with director and go to support Shooting.

Pastel Blue Feb 2014 – Oct 2014 (Senior 3D Generalist Artis)

Work CGI with movie and comercial.Some time I  go to support Shooting.

Fenix Post  Oct 2012 – Jan 2014 (Senior 3D Generalist Artis)

Come back works with company.

Professional July 2012 – Oct 2012(Freelance)

Up more exprience and working with many client.Have the time to learn work for up Hight quality.

Animated Storyboard September 2010 – July 2012 (Senior VFX Artis)

I am Senior VFX Artis in this.It big company have 150 people with CG.Every time work with simmulate cloth,fluid,dynamic, and other with vfx.Some time work animate charector and write expression+maxscript in free time.I have many work in this company.

FX Post Thai September 2009 – September 2010 (3D Artis)

Company with Post Production.All most work with composit.I learn process comercial and film in this company.Some time work with 3d vfx.

Sky line & BincBKK January 2009 – August 2009 (3D Artis)

It first company for my with 3d artis.Company work with film and comercial.I learn many process film with this.


Spoken Languages

Thai: mother tongue

English: average


Internet Marrketing – I make and learn web site.It interest.

Foot Ball – I play foot ball very good. 🙂 It very fun I will play with free time.

Other – Basket ball,Go game,Photography,Camera Film

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